Offering new hope for patients suffering from drug resistant infections

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 3, 2020 – Omnix Medical has scheduled a company presentation at Biotech Showcase™ 2020 to be held on January 13, 2020, during the most important week in healthcare at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

Niv Bachnoff, CSO, will be presenting Omnix Medical at Biotech Showcase as follows:

Date: Monday, January 13, 2020
Time: 3:30 PM (PST)
Room: Franciscan D (Ballroom Level)
Venue: Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel, 333 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA (United States)


Omnix Medical is a biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing peptide therapeutic for life-threatening, drug-resistant infectious diseases, particularly those treated in hospital settings. Hospital-acquired infections are currently the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, following heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Omnix Medical’s molecules (OMN6, OMN7 and OMN11) are developed for the treatment of these infections via systemic IV administration. Our lead product OMN6 targets A. baumannii. Clinical trials will begin in 2020.

Omnix’s technology is inspired by the innate immune system of insects, employing a strategy that has been proven very efficient for 250 million years. Insects combat pathogenic bacteria using a unique family of Antimicrobial Peptides that physically damage bacterial membranes with no toxic effects. The rapid bactericidal Mechanism of Action employed by these peptides is active against Gram(-) multidrug-resistant pathogens, the ESKAPE bacteria: K. pneumonia spp, A. baumannii, P. aeruginosa and Enterobacter spp. These bacteria are the most serious and urgent threats to public health leading to ~50% mortality among infected patients in Intensive Care Units.

Omnix Medical was founded in 2015. Headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, the Company employs eight scientists advancing in-house research and development as well as closely directing studies with top-tier international contract research organizations.

“We are delighted that Omnix Medical will be presenting at Biotech Showcase this year,” said Sara Demy, CEO of Demy-Colton. “Biotech Showcase is a prime occasion for life science entrepreneurs and investors to come together to discover the potential of innovative technologies that will drive the future of drug discovery.”


Biotech Showcase, produced by Demy-Colton and EBD Group, is an investor conference focused on driving advances in therapeutic development by providing a sophisticated networking platform for executives and investors that fosters investment and partnership opportunities. The conference takes place each year during the course of one of the industry’s largest gatherings and busiest weeks.

Investor Contact

Moshik Cohen-Kutner, CEO

Rom Lakritz, CFO/COO
+1 646 9346699

Media Contact

Niv Bachnoff, CSO
+ 972-54-238-6023

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